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Jul 20, 2006 · Wild Bill Hickok was far more than a poker player, even though many today remember him as the man who originated the famous 'Dead Man's Hand' consisting of Aces and Eights Have you heard of the Dead Man's Hand? Well, here's the story of the man who had the honor of holding that hand of cards. Dead man's hand.The card hand purportedly held by Wild Bill Hickok at the time of his death: black aces and eights. The dead man's hand is a nickname for a particular poker hand, popularly a two-pair of black aces and black eights, although definitions of the hand have varied through the years. Here we cover the life of James Hickok, also known as "Wild Bill." Hickok is a man of all trades taking on the responsibilities of a farmer in his youth, a train conductor, a Spy in the Military, and the Marshal of Abilene. Find out how he got his famous nickname and how his love for poker. A well known poker hand, "dead man's hand" gets its name from the final hand held by legendary gunslinger and poker player, Wild Bill Hickok. There are many variations of the story and the actual hand held by Hickok that fateful day, August 2, 1876, when he was gunned down, shot in the back of the head by Jack McCall in Saloon No. 10 at Deadwood, South Dakota.

Legend holds that Wild Bill Hickok was shot to death during a poker game in Deadwood, South Dakota, and that the hand he held was two pair, black aces and black eights. On that most people agree. August 2, 1876: The dead man’s hand; Hickok is in the Poker Hall of Fame, so it stands to reason he’d show up more than once in a list of best poker hands ever played. His “dead man’s hand” in which he is said to have held two black aces and two black eights and a mysterious fifth card in a game of five-card draw the moment he was shot and killed is probably the single most famous poker hand in history. Famous Gunfighters.Wild Bill Hickok was holding a poker hand with a pair of aces and a pair of eights when he was killed. This hand has since been known as a "dead man's hand". Outlaw and murderer John Wesley Hardin was the son of a preacher and named after church leader John Wesley. Jesse James' nickname was "Dingus".

Wild Bill was indeed holding black aces and eights when he was plugged by Jack McCall on the fateful day of August 2, 1876, in the charming suburb of Deadwood, deep in the Dakota Territory. Bill’s fifth card was the deuce of spades, which must have made for a pretty grim-looking hand. I’m. Nov 03, 2017 · Wild Bill Hickok, aces and eights, and the birth of the dead man’s hand While the actual composition of the dead man’s hand has undergone some changes over the years, its current manifestation is a two-pair poker hand of black aces and black eights.

Todays Casino Legends article is about possibly the most famous poker player of all time, Wild Bill Hickok. This legend may be known for holding the most famous hand ever. But Gambling was something Bill only took up later in life, as he was really known for his sharpshooting skills. Aces over eights is the most famous poker hand, thanks to Wild Bill Hickock and his untimely demise. Home; Aces Eights. Aces over eights is the most famous poker hand, thanks to Wild Bill Hickok, a "Old West" lawman, gunfighter, folk hero, and avid gambler and his untimely demise. Find out about lawenforcementofficer Wild Bill Hickok: He was killed while playing poker, and his last hand has become known as the dead man's hand. born: May 27, 1837, LaSalle County, IL,height: 6' 0?,spouse: Agnes Thatcher Lake m. 1876–1876,died: August 2, 1876, Deadwood, SD,nickname: Shanghai Bill,buried: 1879, M.

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